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Men’s Program Coming Soon!

Lotus Lodge is designed to inspire spiritual, physical, and emotional rehabilitaion for men and women in early recovery. With our step down structure, we provide accountability and safety, while promoting individual autonomy. At the heart of this recovery process are the principles of service, community, and hope.

Create your recovery. Build community. Receive the support & assistance you deserve.


Services Provided


Recovery Coaching / Vocational Counseling / Therapeutic Groups / Relapse Prevention Planning

Family Support / Sobriety Monitoring / Peer Support Meetings / Health and Wellness Passes

Community Outings / Massage / Collaborative Treatment Planning / Full Body Acupuncture / Acudetox

House Manager / Wellness Assessments

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), Including Suboxone

Lotus Lodge is owned and operated by two experienced certified addiction nurses, who serve as case managers to the women of Lotus. The experience of the Lotus Lodge team in the treatment arena, allows for a unique and comprehensive approach to sober living. Along with our team, we collaborate with the client, family, and treatment providers in creating the best possible outcomes.

Resident Requirements

3 Month Minimum Stay

Attend IOP, Work, Volunteer, or School

Work with Lotus Lodge Recovery Coach for 2 months

3 Peer Support Meetings a Week, with Sponsorship/Mentorship in Selected Fellowship

Attend Weekly House Meeting and Community Meal

Complete Weekly House Chores

Maintain Standards of Living in the Community

Compliance with Sobriety Testing

Monitored Medication Administration

Compliance with House Guidelines

Release of Information for Relevant Providers

 Our Clients

Lotus Lodge provides safe, recovery oriented housing for men and women 23 years of age and older, who are committed to changing their lives and looking to re-integrate into their community. Lotus Lodge can support clients with drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders, process addictions, co-occurring disorders, primary mental health diagnosis, and women who are pregnant.


Our Team


Gene Shiling


Owner, Lotus Lodge

Gene has had a distinguished career in the field of health and human services. Gene graduated from the University of Colorado in 1998 with a degree in chemistry. He received a degree in nursing from Arapahoe Community College in 2004. In 2016, Gene obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in nursing from the University of Colorado, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

Gene is an innovator and leader in the field of nursing and was a 2015 Nightingale Award Laureate, one of the most distinguished awards in the field of nursing. His work on Wernicke Encephalopathy and Thiamine Administration has changed policies and procedures at the University of Colorado Hospital. Gene’s experience, dedication, and leadership in helping people overcome addiction, has made a profound impact on the Lotus Lodge mission.


Scott Lister


Owner, Lotus Lodge

Scott has had a diverse career in both business and health care. Scott graduated from the University of Colorado in 2000, with a bachelors degree in environmental, population, and organismic biology (EPOB). He also received a bachelors degree in nursing from CU Denver in 2017, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Scott is a certified addiction registered nurse and a certified addiction counselor in the state of Colorado.

Scott has comprehensive knowledge and experience with trauma informed care, gender-specific treatment, compassion fatigue, and self care for addiction treatment professionals. His dynamic skill set, passion for recovery, and experience serving many different roles in the addiction treatment arena, has enriched the spirit and values of the Lotus Lodge.


Pam Isenhower

CPFS, CACI candidate

Recovery Coach, Lotus Lodge

Pam Isenhower, of New Point Wellness & Coaching, and recovery coach at Lotus Lodge, brings a rich history with her as she joins our eclectic team. Pam has a BS in theology and biblical studies and a minor in education from Emmaus University and a MA in TESOL from Azusa Pacific University.

She has spent 25 years living, teaching, and mentoring in Indonesia and is the founder of Worldbridge Language Center in Indonesia. Pam is the founder and director of ECHO International, a nonprofit group who’s mission is to connect professional volunteers and small team groups to support women and children in Indonesia.

Pam has worked as a Peer Recovery Specialist for CeDAR, at the University of Colorado Hospital, for the past year and has quickly become an influential member in the local recovery movement in Denver. Her immense capacity for kindness, love, and compassion compliments our mission well at the Lotus Lodge.


Emily Lanning


House Manger, Lotus Lodge

Emily Lanning, house manager of Lotus Lodge, has a dynamic history that was home grown right here in Colorado. Emily graduated from Colorado State in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science degree in human development and family studies. She is a former elementary school teacher, a certified yoga instructor, is trained in yoga 12 step recovery, and in yoga nidra.

Emily brings a wealth of personal experience to the Lotus Lodge team and its residents, as she is living a life in long term recovery herself. Emily was a former resident of the Lotus Lodge in 2016, and is able to promote the same sense of community, safety, and healing that she experienced at Lotus Lodge, for the current clients of the house. Emily provides our clients with mentorship, hope, and guidance, as they build their own life in recovery. She is an invaluable asset to the women’s recovery community and to that of the Lotus Lodge.

Natalie Picture.jpeg

Natalie Jeffers Wilkens


Art Therapist, Lotus Lodge

Natalie Jeffers Wilkins, of NAJ Counseling, LLC, is a certified addiction counselor and certified systemic art therapist with twelve years of experience in the substance abuse treatment field. Natalie has a MA in Health Psychology and Therapeutic Arts from Regis University, a BA in Communication Art and Design from VCU, studied Addiction Counseling at Denver Cares, Art Therapy at the Colorado School for Family Therapy, and Natural Health Consulting at Clayton College and Stratford Career College.

Natalie provides trauma-informed art therapy and addiction counseling with a focus on mindfulness. She believes participating in the art-making process provides relief and releases aspects of oneself that have been suppressed. Going with the flow of the creative experience allows for individual transformation by bypassing conscious thought and accessing deeper, unconscious realms. Creative workshops she has facilitated include: Embracing Change, Honoring Your Feelings, The Art of Balance, and Discovering Your Dreams.

Guest Therapist

Lotus Lodge provides excellence in group therapy, bringing in a variety of facilitators throughout the year. We present an eclectic array of recovery very topics, such as mindfulness based relapse prevention and spirituality. Our guest therapist are some of the most respected addiction professionals in the Denver area.


Matthew Jarvis


Of Courage to Change Counseling Services, presents on the topic of Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention. Matthew has been working in the field of behavioral health for over 13 years and brings a wealth of knowledge, personal experience, and a clinical skill set that has helped many people overcome their struggles with addiction. His person centered approach is a natural fit for our nurturing environment at Lotus Lodge. Thank you Matthew for what you bring to our Lotus Lodge community!



Leta Harrington

D. Min., LPC, MAC

An ordained Presbyterian pastor having with her Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Counseling and Licensure as a Professional Counselor (LPC). Leta served as Director of Spiritual Care at CeDAR, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center with UCHealth for seven years. 

Leta works with clients to increase awareness and appreciation of what is contributing to their current dissatisfaction. She assists in building a better connection with and honoring of who and how they were born to be. This process leads to increased clarity and ease of being in their own skin, with the goal of experiencing delight in living from that place. 



We engage in a variety of community events including; volunteer outings, recovery workshops, 12 step conferences, and community fundraisers. Community is one of the many values we strive for at the Lotus Lodge.


I felt very safe and cared for at Lotus Lodge. Awesome staff and a real sense of community
— Alumni