Suboxone & MAT FAQ

I'm on Suboxone is that ok?

Yes. We can manage the administration of Suboxone at our facility. We can make those arrangements during the intake process

What is MAT?

It stands for "Medically Assisted Treatment". Medications like Suboxone, Vivitrol & Antabuse are used for MAT. We support the use MAT at the lodge.

Will I be held to higher levels of accountability if I'm taking Suboxone?

Medication safety is very important to us at Lotus Lodge. We work closely with our clients to ensure medications are handled appropriately.

Will I have a safe place to put my Suboxone?

Yes. We provide a safe for each client. You are required to keep your Suboxone locked up at all times. 

Do I have to taper off Suboxone after I move in?

No. We will support the plan that has been established between you and your medical provider.

If I share Suboxone would I have to leave the house?

This would be considered a violation of house policy and behavior detrimental to the safety of others in the house. We take such actions very seriously.

What if I take more than what I'm prescribed?

We would consider this relapsing behavior and you would need to be assessed for a higher level of care.

What if someone steals it?

You are responsible for the safe storage of all personal valuables, including medications.

Can you get me Suboxone?


Can you find me a provider for Suboxone?

We work with many medical providers in the area. We would be happy to help you organize your medical care if need be.

Any issues with Antabuse or Vivitrol?