Admissions FAQ

My family member just relapsed. Will you let them in?

Call us right away. We would need to look at the situation and ensure we could provide the best possible chance for success. We work with many programs in the area that offer various levels of care for your loved one if we feel Lotus Lodge is not the best fit.

Do you take insurance?

How soon can they get in?

3-5 Days average. 2 days if the stars align, but we can not guarantee it. We pride ourselves with having a very healthy & stable community. We have that because we carefully screen every applicant.

Why does it take so long?

It's a process. After speaking with the owner the client has to schedule a time to tour the lodge and meet the house manager. Then if they are approved to move forward they have to schedule a time with the life coaches. If they approve they can then move in.

Will my loved one be safe?

Safety is our number one priority. The home is in a nice safe neighborhood. There are coded door locks that change every time a client moves out. We keep our address private. The owners and house managers keep a close eye on the goings on at the house. Protecting our clients is paramount to their success in early recovery.

How much clean time does my loved one need?

It depends. Call us. We would need to assess for appropriateness for our program. We can offer other options if we feel they could be more successful in a different program.

I'm researching options for my loved one. Can I tour the house?

Absolutely. We would love to have you visit our beautiful home and introduce you to the Lotus Lodge team.

Will you update me about their progress? 

We do encourage collaboration between family and other providers, however, the client can choose to have information shared with you or not when filling out our releases.

What if they relapse?

In the event of a relapse, their safety and stabilization is our priority. If you are on their emergency contacts we will contact you immediately and will work with the many resources we have at our disposal to get them safe and back into recovery.

My loved one is involved with the courts?

We should be ok. Call us. They wouldn't be the first. 

Do you take felons?

Yes. Please tell us about it though.

Are you a medical facility?


Do you have professional addiction counselors or psychiatrists?

No. We offer visiting life coaches, employment assistance & massage. We do not offer any licensed medical or couseling services. We can give you excellent referrals if you need them.