Admissions FAQ

I've just relapsed & I need sober living. Will you let me in?

Call us right away. We need to talk & see where you're at.

Do you take insurance?

How soon can I get in?

3-5 Days average. 2 days if the stars align, but we can not guarantee it. We pride ourselves with having a very healthy & stable community. We have that because we carefully screen every applicant.

Why does it take so long?

It's a process. After speaking with the owner you have to schedule a time to tour the lodge and meet the house manager. Then if you are approved to move forward you have to schedule a time with the life coaches. If they approves you then have to schedule a time to move in.

Do I have to come from rehab?


How much clean time do I need?

It depends. Call us. We would like to see at least a week, but we have admitted people with much less.

Can I take a tour if I'm unsure if it will work for me?


I can't visit myself. Can a family member tour for me?


I'm far away. I want to come to Denver, but you say I have to tour and meet the manager?

Call. We can figure it out. Face time and Skype are awesome for these things.

Some sober living houses won't let me tour?


I'm currently involved with the courts?

We should be ok. Call us. You would'nt be the first

Do you take felons?

Yes. Please tell us about it though.

I've never been to rehab or to a 12 step meeting. But I know I need someplace to be sober?

Call us. If we cannot place you at Lotus Lodge, we will work to find you a situation that is best for you.